Rental of offices and private laboratories


The Grasse BIOTECH Business Hotel offers the possibility of renting unfurnished offices from 14 to 51m2 and raw laboratories from 22 to 107m2.

The offices have a fixed telephone per workstation and distributed 220V and RJ45 electrical outlets. A workstation represents a space of about 8m2 determining the maximum capacity of the office.

The raw laboratories are provided with the essential services for the activity with:

# a cold-water inlet (PER Ø16 with valve),

# an instant water heater,

# an evacuation for industrial wastewater,

# 220V and RJ45 electrical outlets in trunking system distributed on the side walls of the laboratories and 1 waiting in false ceiling,

# 1 400V three-phase outlet,

# a specific extraction device (1 to 4 sheaths provided by the laboratory waiting in the false ceiling Ø200mm dimensioned for 600m3 / h by sheath with motorized control valve,

# a electrical switchboard,

# ...

Rental of private furnished offices

The Grasse BIOTECH Business Hotel also offers the possibility of renting furnished offices from 12 to 21m2.
The offices have a number of positions consistent with their size. A station represents a space of about 8m2 determining the maximum capacity of the office. By workstation, the following furniture is provided:
# A desk
# A chair
# A storage unit
# A phone
# …

Storage box rental finished products and ATEX

The Grasse BIOTECH Business Hotel allows to rent storage boxes for raw materials and non-flammable and non-explosive finished products or for raw materials and DANGEROUS finished products under ATEX constraints.


Shared services

# Physical reception
# Wireless public Internet access
# Relaxation area and kitchen
# Exchange areas
# Meeting rooms
# Office cleaning
# ...

Business coaching

A quarterly meeting is organized for each company in the Business Hotel in order to take stock of its needs and organize a follow-up of its activities.
If the internal skills do not allow to answer a question, a connection can be made between the company and a Grasse BIOTECH partner.



Integrating the Grasse BIOTECH Business Hotel also means integrating a place of life that gives you opportunities for contact, exchanges with other leaders, but also to create a link with local economic life. The Business Hotel has for mission to facilitate these exchanges, it organizes in this respect:
# Friendly occasions to meet (breakfasts and meals companies). All employees of each company are invited. These meetings are an opportunity to get to know each other better and to facilitate professional contacts.
# Meetings, around various themes with the companies of the territory.


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